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Hontek Corporation develops and manufactures sprayable and moldable polyurethane coatings for use in protection against water cavitation, rain erosion, sand erosion, and impact damages. These products have a wide range of commercial and military applications, including the following:

Aviation Markets: Helicopter rotor blades, propeller blades, radomes, antennas, and nose cones. For performance track records please click the pictures below:

Above/Underwater Markets: Propeller blades on boats and ships, turbine blades in hydro-power generation plants, Jet skis, lift fan blades and propulsion blades for LCAC (Landing craft, air cushioned), and Ship to Shore connectors.

Above Ground markets: Wind mill blades, earth moving equipment fan blades, etc.

Hontek HC05XP1 coating system, its repair kits and repair procedure represent a new, revolutionary “Preventive Maintenance” concept in the field repair of the leading edge of an airfoil structure.

When properly maintained with Hontek Repair Kits, Hontek-coated blades have the potential to reach “unlimited blade life” against erosion damages.

After operating in the water, rain or sand, the damage patterns are typically isolated spots which can be repaired in the field without removing the blades from the equipment.   The repair of blade damages at field unit level is conducted by using two repair kits: 

Repair Kit HTK-TRK-001   NSN 4920-01-568-3968,  CAGE Code 0TMF0

Repair Kit HTK-PBT-001  NSN 4920-01-568-3981, CAGE Code 0TMF0

Additional repair kit configurations can be provided to fit the specific end users’ applications. 

Hontek sprayable and molding resins can be customized to fit your specific needs. To explore new applications, please contact us.

Request for Products / Services form is included here for your convenience. Please take a few minutes and use this form in your initial contact so that we can provide the best customized solutions for your applications.

To learn more about the field test success of Hontek coatings in Iraq, please visit our News section.


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