Hontek HC05XP1 coating system continues to prove the long term durability and reduction of the total cost of ownership. Coated rotor blades with the original coatings have seen two 1-year field deployments in the harsh abrasive environments of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are still in good conditions. With a new field repair, these coated blades look like new.  They are being put back into THIRD deployments.  They are on the way to prove “unlimited blade life against erosion damages if properly maintained with Hontek repair kits”.

Hontek HC05XP1-coated rotor blades have flown an estimated 60,000 flight hours as of December 2010. The proud historical record of “ZERO BLADE REPALCEMENT DUE TO EROSION DAMAGE” continues. With the third re-deployment of HC05XP1-coated blades back into harsh services, the HC05XP1-coated blades have proven to lower the total cost of ownership drastically for the end users.

A cost benefit analysis of blade replacement cost and the total ownership cost of HC05XP1-coated rotor blade has been conducted.  It shows that for the specific blade studied, HC05XP1-coated blades provide a cost saving of up to  2,500% when compared to the use of uncoated blades.

The ease of repair of HC05XP1-coated blades will be extremely beneficial for the large windmill rotor blades installed in remote locations and offshore locations. Hontek is working with several windmill rotor blade manufacturers and repair service providers. Hontek welcomes the opportunities to team up with the OEM blade makers and service providers. Hontek will help you establish a competitive edge in the worldwide green energy movement.

On the Commercial Aviation side, we are very excited that HC05XP1 is on the way to be certified by EASA/FAA through Eurocopter’s EC145 helicopter. Once certified, HC05XP1-coated blades will provide the rotorcraft civil aviation with a low operation cost solution, providing EC145 with a competitive edge in the harsh environments.


To see the latest news of Hontek-coated blades, please download the two ads Hontek places in the AAAA Army Aviation Magazine.  They contain the two historical achievements in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The ads have been approved by the Army for public release.

Total track records for Hontek-coated blades in harsh desert environments: 30 UH-60M and 22 UH-60A/L. 32,000 total flight hours.  The excellent field repairs by the soldiers achieved zero main rotor blade replacement due to erosion. Previous deployments without Hontek-coated blades required 26% replacement rate in Afghanistan and 30% rate in Iraq.

UH-60 Update: Hontek and Kaman Aerospace have together sprayed more than 1,300 UH-60 main rotor blades.  Hontek-coated blades are now a standard configuration on the new UH-60M helicopters.

As a result of the achievements, Hontek is the proud winner of 2009 AAAA Army Aviation Materiel Readiness Award for a Contribution by a Small Business Organization.

UH-60 (Black Hawk) Update


UH-60 Update: Hontek and Kaman Aerospace have together sprayed more than 1,300 UH-60 main rotor blades.  Hontek-coated blades are now a standard configuration on the new UH-60M helicopters.

UH-72A Lakota Update

The UH-72A Lakota Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) is completing the desert qualification tests at National Test Center in California. Excellent results have been obtained after more than 100 flight hours.

The Lakota is based on the Eurocopter EC145. Hontek is working with prime contractor EADS North America, and American Eurocopter to obtain FAA/EASA certification. Once approved, Hontek HC05XP1 coating system will have certification for world-wide commercial aviation markets. EC145 photo in Mexico/ Ó Eurocopter/ Jerome Deulin – 2005.

GREEN ENERGY (Windmills)

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Hontek HC05XP1 coatings can be used on windmills, both on land and offshore.  Hontek is working with industry OEM manufacturers and field service providers in this commercial market.


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Hontek is working with OEMs and field service providers in commercial aviation applications, including radomes, leading edges, propellers, etc.


New Rotor Blade Coating Prevents Erosion

Click the following link for Hontek-coated blades in deployment:
1st Infantry Division Post News Article

Afghanistan Deployment:

Hontek-coated blades have achieved one new historical milestone in Afghanistan.  See Hontek ad copy for Army Aviation Magazine.
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Description: 1-P1000857 In April, 2008 the Colorado National Guard performed a series of flight tests to verify rain erosion and blade de-ice capability. Hontek coatings are 100 % compatible with blade de-ice systems.  The Guard went on to fly Hontek-coated blades in excess of 135 flight hours in a variety of harsh environments.  The blades were very well maintained and looked like new at the end of the test.

2006-2007  Iraqi Field Test

Initially, the Army set the pass or fail criteria as 50 flight hours. After one full year in Iraq, two Black Hawks have accumulated over 1,400 hours of flight time. The performance of Hontek’s sprayable coatings has far exceeded the Army’s expectation.  No blade replaced on Hontek-coated blades.   30% blade replacement on uncoated blades.

Enthusiastic testimonials were received from the soldiers serving in Iraq, as illustrated by the quotations below.

  • “Not one person has said a negative comment about this coating, and we get frequent positive comments.”
  • We still request more blades with the coating we got as that seems to be the better product for wear resistance and maintenance load.”

Archived News

August, 2010: Hontek Corporation is a Gold Level Sponsor for the AAAA Connecticut Chapter’s Annual Golf Tournament for the benefit of its scholarship fund.
Hontek Corporation becomes a proud member of National Guard Association of the United States.
Hontek participates in the 2010 Utility Helicopter User’s Conference held in St. Louis. During this conference, Shek Hong conducted two workshops at the request of the PM.  The workshops, which reviewed the lessons learned from the Afghanistan deployment, focused on both critical repair processes as well as appropriate flight hour maintenance intervals. Both workshops were well attended.

July, 2010
Lakota (LUH) aircraft at the National Training Center surpassed 100 flight hours during the flight testing phase of the coating program.  Results to date have exceeded expectation.

June, 2010:
  Hontek Repair Training is provided to the maintainers at Fort Rucker in anticipation of their receipt of M model BLACK HAWKS with coated blades.

May, 2010:
  Sikorsky Aircraft delivers the first UH-60M BLACK HAWK with Hontek coated blades.

April, 2010
:  Hontek is a proud corporate sponsor the Massachusetts Army National Guard (NGAMA) golf tournament held during their annual conference.

February, 2010
: At the 36th Annual Aviation Product Symposium, Hontek received the 2009 Army Aviation Association of America Materiel Readiness Award for contributions by a small business organization.  This prestigious award is given to one small business in the United States each year. Hontek is recognized for its “significant and lasting contributions to Army Aviation by providing a solution to the severe and expensive damage caused by sand and debris erosion to rotor blades.”
The award was presented by Major General James Myles, Commanding General, US Army Aviation and Missile Command and Lieutenant

James Pillsbury, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Materiel Command

January, 2010:  The U.S. Army provides formal direction to Sikorsky Aircraft to have Hontek coating become standard configuration on every UH-60M BLACK HAWK to be delivered

November, 2009
: Lakota (LUH) Kickoff meeting held at the National Training Center in Barstow.  Initially, the focus will be on the flight testing of one aircraft with the required repair training for the maintainers.  Short term objective is to win approval from both the FAA and EASA for commercial aviation.

August, 2009
:  Hontek Repair Training for the troops was held at Fort Riley, KS.

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