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Sand erosion of helicopter rotor blades was a major problem during Desert Storm war in 1991. After the war, the U.S. Army initiated new research to protect helicopter rotor blades against sand and rain erosion. Hontek was founded in 1992 as the result of an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Phase I contract from Aviation Applied Technology Directorate (AATD), U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, Fort Eustis, Virginia.

Since then, Hontek has conducted contract work for the United States Army, Air Force and Navy. Hontek has also maintained continuous efforts to develop new erosion protection materials. Among those developed under private funding is the new Hontek HC05XP1 coating system. After years of tedious lab work, we are proud to have reached the technical maturity and achieved erosion resistance unmatched by other commercially available competitive products. We are ready to serve both commercial and military markets with revolutionary products.

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